Genetic counselor, industry leader, digital health strategist. I’ve built my career on a foundation of direct patient care and an intimate understanding of the business of health.

As a clinician, I helped couples understand the genetic testing options available to them. For many, I was able to report normal results.  For some, I took on the role of educator, facilitator, and counselor as they grappled with the implications of positive results.

The cutting edge science of cell-free DNA testing drew me to the fascinating and frenzied world of a health care start-up.  Over my tenure, I built a team of seasoned Medical Science Liaisons skilled at educating providers and solidifying long-term, loyal relationships with clients and key opinion leaders.

This experience in industry drove home the importance of an organization’s digital presence.  With a desire to fully understand the digital health landscape, I pursued a Certificate in Digital Health Communication through Tufts University School of Medicine. This training honed the systematic skills I now bring to digital strategy assessment and design.

I leverage my varied experiences to assist health-related organizations reach, inform, and facilitate understanding in their target populations. I bring to this work the lens of a clinician, the creativity of a marketer, and the strategic approach of a digital design professional. 

I love the opportunity to pursue opportunity, so CALL me and let’s talk about the opportunity you have to deliver your message of health in a memorable way.

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